Hardwood, vinyl and linoleum floors can easily become worn looking and discoloured through a build up of dirt and cleaning product residue. The clean, shiny finish wears out over time with little dents, scratches and scuff marks becoming more and more noticeable.

Our professional Floor Cleaning and Polishing Service can easily put things right for you. We can strip and scrub your hard floor, seal it and polish it using the best professional machinery and quality cleaning products. This removes marks and scratches from your floor and stops it from absorbing dirt, making everyday maintenance quicker and easier. The polish also gives your hard floor a shiny and sparkling finish for that “feel good” factor.

Using specialist flooring machines and well trained staff we are able to clean and restore all types of floors from natural stone, polished wood, vinyl, tiled, parquet flooring and other specialist flooring. Custom machines are used to complete a wide range of treatments to different floors types. Treatments include sanding and restoration, cleaning, buffing, strip and polish, scrubbing, and extracting. All treatments are conducted with strict health and safety measures to make sure your floor is safely treated and restored.

We can clean and polish: wood flooring; vinyl flooring; linoleum flooring; dalsouple rubber flooring.